What We Do

The Pure Vision Arts Philosophy

PVA’s philosophy begins with the belief that the arts are not a luxury, but a necessity in a civilized society, and that all people regardless of their disability should have the opportunity to express themselves. Art can provide profound pleasure and transform the human spirit and each person can experience and create something that is unique and reflects their individual personality.

We recognize the importance of art programs that allow for the artists to immerse themselves in the creative process, thereby reinforcing a positive sense of self. The PVA studio provides an environment that facilitates the opportunity for socialization, sharing of ideas and peer mentoring while working in a supportive atmosphere. Our person centered philosophy emphasizes ability rather than disability and the artistic process, not the final product. Artists are encouraged to explore their own interests while working at their own pace and developmental level.

PVA views making art as a viable vocation for artists with disabilities and all of the artists who attend are self-taught. Some have developed their unique style independently in either group residences, institutions, or at home with little or no support. Others have had the encouragement of family members or a friend who nurtured their artistic interests. Quite simply, Pure Vision Arts takes art seriously and is providing an important artistic community for an under-represented group of artists.