Eric Sadowsky April 9, 2015

Eric Sadowsky

Born in 1991, Eric Sadowsky now lives in Brooklyn with his family. Diagnosed with autism at the age of 3, Sadowsky often relied on art to communicate his thoughts and feelings when language fell short. Sadowsky began attending Pure Vision Arts in 2012, where he now overlays drawings of figures and objects with text. Often referencing imagery from pop culture such as fast food items, news casters, logos, advertisements, Jeopardy contestants and airplanes, Sadowsky’s work has a Pop Art quality to it. His signature color palette of neon and pastel adds a unique and vibrant touch to his drawings.

25th Annual Outsider Art Fair, Metropolitan Pavilion, NYC.

Birds of a Feather,  
Pure Vision Arts, NYC.

BEAUTIFUL MINDS pure vision, ROCA, West Nyack, NY
Somoza Palooza, Metropolitan West, NYC
22nd Annual Outsider Art Fair
, Center 548, NYC

Savant-Garde, Pure Vision Arts, NYC
Clifford Chance Law Firm, NYC
Public Access: Selections from Pure Vision Arts, The Gallery at Ace Hotel NY, NYC
Transit on The Spectrum: The Art of Pure Vision, New York Transit Museum, Brooklyn, NY

Personal Space, Pure Vision Arts, NYC

Beatles Abby Road

Ink on paper, 14x17, 2016


Ink on Paper, 14x17, 2016

Lipstick and Nailpolish

Ink on Paper, 19 x 24, 2014


Ink on Paper, 19 x 24, 2014

Robin in the Rain

Ink on Paper, 19 x 24, 2014


Ink on Paper, 19 x 24, 2015

Sushi Roll

Ink on Paper, 14 x 17, 2016

Tea and Coffee

Ink on Paper, 19 x 24, 2014


Ink on Paper, 19″x24″, 2014


Ink on Paper, 19″x24″, 2014

Ice Cream and Icees

Ink on Paper, 19″x24″, 2014


Ink on Paper, 19″x24″, 2014