Advisory Board

The Pure Vision Arts Advisory Board is comprised of individuals appointed by The Shield Institute and Pure Vision Arts administrative staff.

The Advisory Board consists of individuals from a cross-section of the fields of fine arts, art education, disability advocacy and finance. They are important people in the field of art and have assisted or consulted with us on special projects that require their specific expertise. Other Advisory Board members are involved providing support to Pure Vision Arts events, exhibitions and helping to promote the studio. The Advisory Board includes luminaries such as Bernard Carabello, a survivor of the Willowbrook State School, a disability rights advocate who is himself disabled, and has devoted his professional life to making institutions and organizations more accessible, inclusive and accountable to people with disabilities.


Bernard Carabello
Disabilities activist and founder of the self-advocacy movement

Nancy Closs
Investment banker, BlackRock Executive and art collector

Tom Di Maria, Ed.D.
Director of Creative Growth Art Center in Oakland CA. the first and
foremost studio for artists with disabilities in the United States

Gillian Furniss, Ed.D.
College professor, art educator, artists, published
writer and expert in the field of art education and autism

Milton Glaser
World renowned graphic designer and founder of
internationally prestigious graphic design firm

Greg Hendren
Artist and collector

Rebecca Hoffenberger
Director of the American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore, Maryland

Lee Kogan
Director of the American Folk Art Museum Folk Art Institute

Beth Mount, Ed.D.
Disability expert, educator, writer and fiber artist

Cheryl Rivers, Ph.D.
Writer and expert on Outsider Art and studio programs

Rachel Safko
Financial journalist, philanthropist, poet and art lover

Phil Demise Smith
Poet, writer, artist, musician and Outsider art expert.